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Top Smartphone Linux Based Operating Systems

The present computing world is being dominated by Linux operating system. You might find Linux all the places right from computers of desktop to technology of space. You can address the operating systems of mobile depending on Linux operating system. Many of the government organizations are trying to use Linux due to its specifications and limitless highlights. Let’s discuss about the best Linux based mobile operating systems.

What is the top Linux based mobile operating systems?

Ubuntu phone:

It is the one which wants you to produce an interface which is touch optimized that operates on tablets, TVs, and smartphones. It doesn’t mean it is an operating system which is simple. Other than that, the purpose is to comprise of a single version of ubuntu Linux. When it is introduced on smartphone, you would look at an interface of touch optimized one produced for the size of screen. When you install it on your personal computer, you can see an interface which is desktop optimized for large screen, mouse, and keyboard. The vision of ubuntu is similar to unity desktop and software of Linux which might be running on two devices. running on both devices. The unity is going to adapt and resize the size of screen and device. This makes it usable for all types of sites and applications from dating sites and local fuck apps to mobile games and websites of all kinds.

It means you can dock a phone of Ubuntu and acquire access to complete Linux desktop running on that device. It is the vision which is impressive when one tries to combine a full operating system of desktop with smartphone operating system. It is somewhat like the vision of Microsoft for windows 8 and windows phone.

Samsung Tizen:

Tizen is the platform of open source which is associated with Samsung. It is actually the Linux foundation umbrella. This is the clear operating system of backup for Samsung which they wanted to leave Android and go in their personal way. Samsung is beginning to have a Tizen galaxy phones nowadays which also has smartwatch that runs of Tizen. This Tizen doesn’t have application and not compatible with the apps of android.

Open webOS:

HP community had large plans for WebOS which were going to utilize on tablets, printers, and smartphones. The HP is thinking of introducing PCs running with open WebOS. The device of webOS released by HP was the tablet of HP touchpad. It was not able to compete with the iPad. The company HP also announced that they sold their consumer products of PC fully getting out of the business for creating tablets, smartphones, and tablets. The company HP even altered their mind and made a decision that they didn’t want to sell tablets and PCs but they were done with webOS. The open webOS project has acquired the code and kept on developing as the project of community.

LG integrated this operating system for using the smart TV of LG. This offered a terrible interface to be founded on smart TVs. The open webOS was an operating system which is based on the applications of web. Most of the highlights are unrivaled and same highlights are still shown in modern systems of operating at present. The Microsoft Nokia X platform deserves the mention of honourability. This OS is created to look as windows Phone yet it is not windows phone. It is needed to build the code of android open source project without services of google. It is the phone which is Microsoft made that operates on the apps of android yet it doesn’t need to access the play store of google.

Jolla sailfish:

Nokia created an organization named Jolla which consists of open source bits of the code of MeeGo. It later produced the operating system Sailfish by rewriting the source which is close that they couldn’t utilize. This is the Linux based operating system which is not a successor to MeeGo. Nokia will never authorized the name or intellectual property or MeeGo to jolla and still possess it. The Jolla sailfish is a MeeGo continuation as looked at the phone of Nokia N9. This is an interesting one which consists of more of the system of standard Linux. Applications could make Qt and you can introduce the terminal and introduce the package files of Linux. The sailfish operating system has few compatibilities with applications of android too.

Amazon Fire OS:

It is the initial utilized on the tablets of kindle fire which was actually depending on Android. But this operating system is not another rebranded android open source project code with stuff of google. This operating system is compatible with android. The roots of android offer amazon with apps in large amount that can be simply ported from Android and kept on the app store of Amazon. This operating system runs with their personal operating system. They cannot access the services of google or every application in google play. However, they don’t have personal highlights.

Thus, these are some of the best and top Linux based operating systems.